Monday, November 2, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 4 Part B


Here's an interesting must-know hunting skill: Before embarking on your trip, grab a bunch of dry leaves on the ground and throw above your head. Take note of where the wind blows and walk the track against the wins. This is to prevent no animals would trace the smell of human body brought by the wind and then escape before the hunter arrive.

So who says indigenous people are not as brilliant as those who claimed having PHD and whatever title they are given! Their achievement does not need to depend only on a piece of paper. Their living survival skills are the best certificate ever (very agitated)!

Moving on to the Siam Village to look for the Giam Waterfall. It's not a wow-ing waterfall. Just a place where you can see many locals around. This place is not famous among tourists. We went down into the water. William was 'hooked up' by a local uncle, who was doing laundry by the river. Anuar got naked and jumped into the water while we just dipped our feet in the water by the rock in the middle of the river.

Too bad William didn't. Otherwise my camera battery sure gonna run low.

The journey continued all the way to Bau. It's a Chinese, also an ex-mining town. There is a famous lake called Tasik Biru. Apparently, the water is blue in colour. It's believed that the water is arsenic. Anuar told us about a legend of a sea monster living in the lake, and its size it's almost half of the lake (I can't stretch my arms wide enough to show you BIG it is).

Next stop was the Fairy Cave. To enter the cave we needed to climb a six-storey building. In the first part of the cave, there are wooden stairs for us to walk up but still it was difficult climb since they are wet and muddy. Then, we reached a platform.

"A whole new~ world, A new horizon point of view~..."
my soul sang and the orchestral instruments echoed in my head with an angelic choir of "ahh~" in my ears.

But that was not the end. Anuar decided to go in deeper into the cave, where bats live and leave their shits on the rocks.
I was like: "Ok, this is nice, this is fun, let's move on to KFC now, shall we?"

Nobody bothered me.

He took us further in. William, as a professional mountain climber, this was a piece of cake. He even wore a pair of slippers to climb! Each of us was given a torchlight, except Seng Ching and I, who shared the tiny little dimmed torch which caused us unable to see where to step on. And the camera in my hands was such a stumbling stone, afraid that the camera might fall and *priak*.

Until a point where there was a slope down below, Smiley and I decided to stop. Plus I didn't wish to further burden my injured right foot. Wendy who had a super large torch light hung over her shoulder continued the explore with the rest. We waited there for a while. The light was dimming and we could hardly see. When we turned of the torchlight, the cave turned into a Black Hole.

Then they returned. We went another way out, coming back to the platform. Some rested, some busy taking pictures.

Coming down from the building, we saw a green lizard. Anuar wanted to catch it. I want to kill it. Lucky for him to run off when I was unaware.

Then we saw an uncle. Let's called him the Coffee Man. He kept talking weird dialect to us repeating "Coffee coffee coffee...". Wendy said he wants money to buy coffee. Anuar gave him a buck and he happily worshiped him and left him there to imagine drinking water from the stalactite as coffee - which I have tried directly from it. It's very rejuvenating!

(To be continued...)

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