Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 5 Part B


Forgot to add on, that I had to drag my right foot throughout the whole day. It was not painful anymore. It was only numbness I felt and smell of a dead limp.

As usual, rain gushed down in the afternoon. Strong wind blew like typhoon Ketsana, construction boards fell onto a car as we walked home in the rain, trusting our lives to the umbrellas we grabbed so tight in our hands. Aunty Lucy's I-told-you-not-to-go repeatedly hit into my head.

We finally made it back to the Inn. I went alone to take late lunch. I was forced to eat Wanton noodles after the chicken rice stall I wanted to try closed. The man gave me 7 balls of wantons with a price of only RM 2.80. But the wanton's taste was almost integrated into the taste of plain water till I can't even bring myself to snap a picture of it. I had to order a plate of carrot cake (Lobak koh) to stone the wantons to death.

Later in the night, Wendy didn't join us for dinner because her legs hurt. Mine too but I had to walk to the bank to withdraw money so might as well eat further downtown. Low and Behold, Nori 10 popped in front of our eyes, since we took another route to the bank! Seng Ching and I shared a plate of Nasi Ayam Penyet which costs RM 7. Disappointed with the food. Also the price.

We met Wendy back at B&B Inn downstairs to look for people to chat with. Then we found this man, called Mike who came back from Germany, who used to be a Malaysian (from Johor too). He seemed to know a lot of stuff. He kept emphasising his wish to get a girl friend in each country so that he will have companion to everywhere he goes. Hehe. Oh..like that la.

He mocked us for having a 6-day experience because normally, bagpackers like them, travel for at least 6 months to a year. The Finland guy beside us, for example, had traveled to Bali, Vietnam and now Sarawak, and will be continuing his journey in South East Asia quite some time. And he has one girlfriend each in different places he visited.

A Malay family checked in that night. 10 of them. They will be attending a wedding in Kampung Gersik (the layer cake place). The lie which was originally intended to be told during our visit to Anuar sister's place was finally put on stage.

My first lie in Kuching, most probably won't be the last. I told them we are Malaysian students, studying in Korea on a private scholarship that have returned for holiday. That lady was so curious and asked further. My palm was sweating as I didn't intend to establish the story further. I told them we are on a scholarship of Han Jin. One of her girls expressed her knowledge of this scholarship with excitement: "Oh, Han Jin! Yeah, yeah..."

Which I don't ever know what the heck does that mean.

The end.

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