Friday, November 27, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 6 Part B


Our flight was in the evening. Anuar promised to bring over a copy of pictures of joy and fun and season in the Sun we took during the "A Day with Anuar at a Cost of 170 Bucks" programme.

He couldn't make it. He had 'guests' to attend to. So I had to make a trip across the Sarah-wak river to the Malay village. At the waterfront, I was told on the first day of arrival by Chan that on Saturday evenings, wild kids (in terms of gangsters) would gather there to create problems.

Yes, that day was a Saturday. It was almost 5.00 pm and I was at the jetty. The number of that 'gang' was beyond my imagination. Flocks of Malay boys and girls were walking around, some young girls sat on their boyfriend's, or boyfriends' lap. They were shouting and running amuk. I, who was at the main jetty, where they ran after another gang on the road, took a quick turn and flew to another jetty, praying hard they would not spear something into my brain.

If they were to come after me, I already plan a sketch in my head: "No no no no no no..." Maybe that would help if they attack me.

Even the boatmen do not wish to carry them across the river. These uncivilized rascals! They need my proper guidance. Send them to my room tonight and I will whip them one by one with my agiel (an stick which creates electrical-like pain used by the Mord'sith to torture people).

So I got over, he came out from his kitchen, telling me how long he waited at the jetty last night trying to reach me but my handphone wasn't work and bla bla bla. Others might buy his story but I don't. Because his mango fish cost me 60 bucks.

Thank you Chan for allowing us to stay until 6.00pm (we were supposed to be kicked out at 12.00 noon). We checked out from the inn, bid goodbye to Mike, who was there. We missed Nik. Chan called a taxi for us to bring us to the Kuching International Airport. And then? Bye bye...hope to see you soon...

Wait I go Hanoi first.

The VERY end.

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