Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 5 Part A


This, is gonna bore some of you if you are not interested in 'museum'ological (whatever ok!) stuff. But at least, please read it through, my journal has to be complete with the following narration it...(Don't worry, no gun pointing at your head from behind. Only blowpipes.)

This day is officially known as the Museum Day, christened by Wendy the Great. A lot of walking was done around the city area, as most of the museums are scattered around it.

Chinese Museum was the first stop. The museum is under the care of a man, and him alone - which he emphasised a lot to make sure we give donation before stepping out from his territory.

Then the Pameran Merdeka sempena Hari Malaysia. Note that Sarawak joined the Federation on 16 Sept. A lot of handicrafts were sold, especially parangs.

Next, it's the SEBATI Museum, which recognizes hard work by women in Sarawak. The officer in charge face stink like bat faeces in the Fairy Cave. And you know what have I written on the comment column in the guestbook, don't you. Well, I wish her luck, if any of her supervisor sees it.

We arrived at the Indian Street, which obviously is more of a Chinatown instead. There's an Indian Mosque Lane, leading to a mosque. Along the lane, there are many visually-disadvantaged people selling tissue packets.

Next stop, Sarawak Islamic Museum. Galleries are divided into several chambers with themes like weaponry, architecture, arts and utensils. It's a museum filled with artifacts of the traditional Malay, Indian, Persian and Afghanistan. By the way, the body armour, as seen in the Legend of the Seekers, wore by the D'harans, is displayed in the gallery. It is so heavy!

Beside the Islamic Museum, it's the Tun Abdul Razak hall. It's another newly established museum. In the guestbook, Wendy's name was stated just right below the Ambassador of Brazil and his wife! The ambassador should be honoured to be on top of the Great Warrior, really.

The most memorable artifact to me, I would say it's the Rajah's book of account. Seeing his handwriting so close yet so far, made me so excited till I wanted to break the glass and steal the book and fly back to West Malaysia.

Across the main road, there locates the Sarawak Museum - consists of several building like ethnology museum, arts museum and I've-Forgotten Museum. There was a replicate of an Iban longhouse in it. Do you know that traditional Iban girls must not come down from their room (2nd floor) until the day they get married! They must be lonely.

The aquarium situated right behind the museum, was a huge disappointment till I don't even want to talk about it .

To be continued...

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