Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 4 Part C


We went on to the next cave called the Lime stone cave, which is a minute away from the Fairy Cave. Anuar picked a few lime stones for us to bring back as souvenir. They are lovely with shiny reflection on the surface. I had to grab a few before losing out to others.

It's almost 5.00pm. The last cave we visited was the Wind Cave but the entrance was closed. We went down to the river side. I asked Anuar whether does he know how to throw a triple jump above water by using a stone. He said, choose stones which are flat and cylindrical. He demonstrated, so did William. Phew, these guys, their stones ran miles, all the way across the South China Sea! At least I succeeded a double jump for a few times.

There is an illegal path that leads to the cave. Wendy and the boys decided to take risk by entering in through a 90 degree climb using the tree root extended along the slope. Again, Smiley and I didn't join in the fun because to climb up is not a problem but coming down would definitely be dangerous.

We waited down there as they explored the cave. I almost fall asleep because the sky was drizzling, the weather was just nice for sleeping. They came down at last. Wendy had a fall somewhere up there. Anuar praised her for she has passed the test as a warrior.

We wanted to taste how Tuak, a kind of rice wine. Anuar said her sister might have it so we drove to Lidah Tanah, translated as the Soil's Tongue where his sister's family lives.

She kindly served us the famous colourful homemade layered cake. It was beyond delicious, even though we didn't have a chance to taste the wine because she doesn't have any left. Anuar's brother-in-law was very interested in the Belgium guy and hardly talked to us. We should have told him we came from Korea right from the start so that he would go ga-ga with us too.

Wendy had a crush on her second son and wanted to take picture with him. That poor boy didn't know what to do but to smile in front of the camera but nudged his mother behind secretly. Nothing escaped my pair of 'busybody scanner', you know.

I felt the elder son was neglected so I kindly talked to him. I asked him how old is he. He told me Standard 5.

Standard 5. He said Standard 5 right in front me. I almost skin him alive after knowing he is only 11 years old for that height. How dare he report this kind of audacious empirical value to me when he knew I am almost at his height!

The trip ended on a group picture with their family. Anuar sent us back to our lodge and we bid him goodbye with 75 bucks (we paid him 75 bucks early morning).

The end.

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