Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks for the reminder, CC. I had this in my head last night but forgot to put in ~

Thank you to all Elween's Angel - CC, Granny Ivy, Chye Moi, Kaka, Ms Irene Sista and JunRu Meizi, who obviously did not offer much help to me even visiting her territory in Shah Alam.

Back in those days, without Internet access was really tough. Google map was so near...yet so far. It was bookmarked on the bar of the firefox window but the map didn't want to show its face.

A big thank to CC also for checking my mailbox every now and then. She was the only person given direct access into my mailbox so you can imagine our level of relationship. 跳进黄河都洗不清。

Ms Irene Sista even called me in the middle of the night to teach me the direction to Shah Alam though I did was replied "em, em, em" in my dreamland.

Of course, Granny Ivy - the cheong hei one, thank you~

Chye Moi also...when I told her about my assignment to Balakong,I remembered...

and Kaka~ I think both of us traveled a lot to weird places ~ so we are like 共患难的电话夫妻档。

And again JunRu Meizi's "I live in Shah Alam but I only know where my school is" kind of help. Still, appreciate her effort to help identify some of the places in Shah Alam.

And also Chocolate. She had left her paper yesterday. She had helped me a lot. I know she was not enjoying her work in the office. I wish her the best in whatever she does in the future.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reading a post from CC's blog, I thought maybe I should post something to recollect my memories of the 14-week internship with The Edge.

I am terrified of Mr Ghany and Mr Tho-mas!

That's one.

I didn't spend much time talking to people in the office because when I was too focused I tend to create an imagery cubicle around. I got very stressed up at times.

Communicating with normal people (that means all you UTARians *coursemates* are abnormal, yes I mean it.) is tough because I was afraid of crossing the line.

Whining and complaining are my nature. I do not bear grudges against anyone specifically. I tried to be truthful to my feelings and emotion all the time so I won't go crazy under such environment.

The coffee cup on my office desk was left dried two months there because I was lazy to wash.

I enjoyed the fellowship with reporters from Chinese and Sabah papers. I don't know, maybe it's because of the language I speak. 我的华语就是很强。地位很高。And I enjoyed hearing them criticising the food.

I played Castle Age in the office. Sometimes when the computer was down and people walk passed me, I had to cover the screen with my body.

I drank at least two cups of coffee a day.

In selecting cab drivers, I was quite a racist. Pardon me.

I visited A&W almost every week and Rasamas when I needed to go KL for assignment.

I have stolen more stacks of papers and napkins (during refreshment) in different hotels than you could imagine.

I didn't spend a cent on shopping for clothes. It was an unbelievable miracle. Instead I spent hundreds of ringgit on books. Well, this wasn't a miracle.

I had extra money spared from my allowance every month.

I really didn't like the guy who kept walking to and fro when talking on his mobile. and also that guy who smelled cigarette all over him.

In all the articles published with bylines on the paper, mine were among the shortest and was always placed at the side.

I loved, am still loving LG more than Panasonic; AirAsia than Fxre-fly (gosh, give me a break *翻白眼*). And Son-wey boss, blek and shoo~.

And the goodbye cards I made were really ugly, on second thought.

I liked to bully soft spoken journalists but often intimidated by the senior ones.

I watched 康熙来了at least an episode a day. I tried very hard to hold back my thunderous laughter till I get stomachache every time.

I would want to offer my sincere thanks to those who have helped me. From editors to writers, to Kakaks from RapidKL bus to bus drivers with good manners; To PR people who emailed needed information within the time they promised (the rest please get lost); To those who allowed me to tumpang them to get back city centre and those who were willing to share their experiences and information.

Also, most important, I want to thank Aunty Shirly and family for taking me in. 3 and a half months was a long time! I must have disturbed the family a lot, especially Kay Aun. Our lifestyles are so different but he did not utter a complaint to me at all. I feel bad.

More facts would be posted up if I recall the sweet and bitter moments in the future. Who knows, 50 years down the road if I suddenly recall something I might just post it here.

Last but not least...

I didn't not have an affair with the managing director of Kay-Eff-See Holdings Bhd.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


道德教育里常常教导我们要让位给孕妇和老人坐。我就是传说中所谓的让位天使。在过去三个月里, 别说我贱,我至少让过三次位子给老婆婆坐。那也在我坐到屁股酸才甘愿让位给那些站了至少30分钟以上的老人家坐。开玩笑的啦。



我的唯一致命伤就是那种30多岁的uncle 或aunty.他们嘛,看起来不是很老也不是很年轻。也应该还没有到需要我让位子的程度。可是心里还是很不踏实。

另一方面,就是在拥挤的巴士里,就像今天,我手提很多个包包 (因为要回金宝),站都站不稳。后来又一辆巴士抛锚了,它的乘客都上了我们这辆,挤得半死。然后就有很多老人家会上来啊,我又力不从心啊。然后就会感觉到周围的uncle Aunty 望过来,提醒我是应该让位给老人家坐的。



Monday, April 19, 2010

A beef sandwich priced at 24 bucks each serving?
Not exageratin', I'm tellin' ya.

I didn't not have a good feeling for assignments that are related to ministers. Business writers need to fight for time in raising questions with writers from other beats since we have very different focus.

I don't know, I just felt business writers sometimes can be a little pampered. Reporters from general desk are more aggressive. Fier~ce~ (Tyra Banks style)

Some focused on the implementation of 'black-spot' on roads while some on tolls. Some on the construction of expressways. And one particularly on hospital (didn't know why, but she just asked). I was the exceptionally one too since I asked something about potential acquisition pasal toll roads.

Usually when others ask, he talked a lot but when it came to my question, he just gave me 2 short sentences and went silent. I don't know was he hiding something, or he just didn't bother about it.

When he started speaking in the Malay, I knew I would have a hard time. Seriously after entering university, my understanding for the language had tremendously jatuh.

Allow me to divert a bit. Especially the mention of numbers in Bahasa Melayu. Try this: "321.102" as "Tiga ratus dua puluh satu ribu satu ratus kosong dua" fast, you will know how hard it is to catch that. Nope, if you read in front of me, I would not understand a single digit you say, and you might find my five baby little fingerprint inked on your face.

Well he was fine, pronunciation was ok, quite a funny person, and charming too. Oh, the way he sniffed his nose sniffed the soul out of me. Ooo~

After the event, we had "breakfast" downstairs at a cafe. Without looking at the price, I just closed my eyes and pointed on the food. Oh, beef burger and a cup of cappuccino. Guess the price ~ and the price is right. It's almost RM30.

I was sitting with an experienced reporter. She was complaining about other reporters just as other reporters complained that she had asked too much. I thought she was good though because she wanted to get news she wanted.

Though the mediocre ones were simply rude, especially the lady from TV3 (not the one I admire)who kept shouting "Dah dah dah, cukup. Jangan tanya lagi! Banyak sangat info!", the reporter who asked many questions were quite arrogant as well. She told us that many went up to her for details after the event as if she was the champion collector of news data.

We sat at a table with a guy (don't know what pangkat la), he talked tak abis abis! Two of them complemented each other like husband and wife. That conversation went on for more than 2 hours, from vegetarian burgers to tin mining. It's almost like '80 days Around the World' and I was stuck in the hot air balloon- couldn't get out.

It was my first time at the KL Hilton hotel. I couldn't find my way out. I bid them goodbyes and when up the escalator. And came down from the elevator on the other side. Then I walked passed them again. They were still talking. Tak berhenti, mak oi! I just pretended I didn't see them and quickly ran to KL Sentral.

Monday, April 12, 2010


今天去了Office一趟,就想去Ikano打包A&W. 为了方便就park车在Tesco那边,然后通过The Curve的地下通道过去Ikano. 不是我要说什么,单单park车就花了十分钟! 如果不是Mutiara Damansara 的Tesco 的parking lot 超小的原因,就是我的parking技巧烂。



你知道科技发达嘛,就有很多电动门咯。然后电动门不是都很好玩吗? 当时经过很多扇电动门,我的手就情不自禁地在门上面施魔法,好像我有能力把那几公吨重的门给打开。当然我也不好意思很夸张把我的手撑很大啦,就意思意思在空中画个小圆圈。不要跟我说你们私底下没有玩过,Ok!会读这个blog的人也不会正常到那里去吧。



打包完了,就经过一些那种促销booth。然后没有一个promoter要上来烦我欸。本想准备好要给他们一些眼色瞧瞧的,可是我当时穿着一件t shirt 和牛仔裤,也很合理啦。我就是个年轻少年学生样,他们应该不会拉拢我的。然后心里就一直暗爽,想着:“不向我Promote是你们自己的损失,你们不知道我亿万富翁身价300亿的富公子吧!”,想着想着,自己又开始很拽地一直翘起眉毛,头就在那里左右微晃,大摇大摆地走出Ikano 。

欸你也知道我很碍眼...I mean爱演的啦。玩玩一下忘记周围都是望着我的人类。就很尴尬啊,然后在那里一直发狂的制止自己的笑意。



Friday, April 9, 2010

You know, it's a little intimidating when some of the members of the Parliament or any organizations embed my article on their blogs or websites. This terrifies me like how Grace Jones' music videos did to me two years ago.

And because these people are popular public figures, they have followers who read their blogs. And they would comment on the article. So I must be fully prepared to embrace criticism from their supporters.

The second intimidating reason is, if they think my article is well-written (so to say), and that I must be a man with 'great wisdom' and and journalistic integrity who 'only pens the truth'. And they would begin to Google my great name. And they would discover the secluded Diamond-drops Warehouse with a whole lot of crap on this site.

Ok it sounds scary. But I am still going to maintain how it used to be.

If anyone of you came across this wonderland, congratulations. You have won yourself an unlimited pass to the warehouse playground that is politic-free and rubbish-loaded.

I just want to make sure that you know I would not cross the boundary between professionalism and my nature as an Emmy (to-be) winning entertainer. You know. I am the Tina Fey of Malaysia (How's Sarah Palin now, anyway?).

And please..I beg you! Don't report all my mansion's secrets to my future employers! I have a family to feed and Aunty Lucy is not easy to feed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

我对这本书简直着迷极了。我记得之前我向几位朋友解释有关地球已经经过了六代毁灭与诞生?就从这本书里面,我竟然找到详细的解释。原来这段谜产于Atzec 文明。现在就和大家一起分享。

I am simply fascinated by this book. I remember explaining to a few friends before on the history of the Earth where it had gone through six generations or birth and destruction. From this book, I really did found a detailed explanation on it. Originally this mystery came from the Atzec civilization. Hear ye now for I shall share with everyone here.

I have tried to look for the English version, that is, the original version but found none. But if you are interested to read this documentary written
by Chris Morton and Ceri Thomas, go find "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls". True or false, believe it or not, that's not the primary concern. I am just reading it as a record of their in pursuing the truth behind this crystal skulls.

No, get lost with your Indiana Jones story. Not the right time for fiction here.

"和其他所有的中美洲民族一样,阿兹特克人也相信地球在此之前曾被创造和毁灭过好几次,按他们的日历来看实际上是四次。阿兹特克人相信他们目前生活 在“第五个太阳”时代,也就是我们今天的这个时代。这四个世界,或者叫四个太阳,都持续了上万年,但每一个也都最终在大灾变中结束。关于这四个世界结束的 确切顺序,人们一直对此看法不太一致,但阿兹特克人的历石也许是最可靠的指南。它给出下列顺序:

  1.第一时代,或称第一个太阳,是 “巨人们”的时代,他们“吃掉我们的食物”。这些巨人有许多是指恐龙。今天的科学家们相信地球的确曾被一颗巨大的陨星撞击过,结果是把恐龙彻底灭绝了。

从阿兹特克人的观点来看,第一时代结束于巨人们被“老虎”吃掉之时,估计他们指的是被哺乳类动物代替。有一些资料说这个世界毁于洪水,另外 一些说“这个太阳在一次日蚀之后就陷于寒冷和黑暗之中”。尽管各种说法不一,但它们却一致认为,就跟以往几个世界的结束一样,太阳不再光芒四射,这次“是 在13年发生的”。

  2.第二时代,或者叫第二个太阳,是“他们变成猴子”并生活在树林里的时代。“他们”指的是谁却不太清楚,但据推测可能是人类的祖先。几乎所有的资料都一致认为,第二个太阳是毁于一场凶猛的风,它卷走了一切东西,砂石遮住了太阳,甚至“太阳自己也被风卷走了”。然 而,一部有名的书稿——万迪科诺一拉丁考迪科斯(‘CODex’的意思是一本象形文字和石壁画的书)却补充说:“一个男人和一个女人站在岩石上,他们是这 场灾难的幸存者。”

  3.第三时代,或者叫第三个太阳,开始于古代历法的One FLINT年,据说那时被火神统治着。许多人把这一时代当成是人类学会开始用火的时代,但是相当具有讽刺意味的是,几乎所有的资料都认为这一世界最终毁于 一场“火雨”。根据里昂一波迪拉的观点,“火像雨一样降落到他们身上”,而“太阳也被火毁灭了”。很可能这里指的是由于烟与火的遮挡,在地球上看不到太阳 的光芒了。这也许是火山——或许也是人类的活动所造成的后果

  4.第四个太阳经常被称为臧特里莱克或者“黑发”时代。尽管万迪科诺一 拉丁考迪科斯这本书上说在这个世界的未日时,人类经历了一场从天而降的血火之雨后死于饥饿,但是几乎所有其他的记载都与历石的观点一致,认为这个世界在一 场大水灾中毁于水。经久不息的雨导致了洪水的爆发,“人类都变成了鱼”。 里昂一波迪拉给我们详细描述了他所听说过的有关世界末日的情况:“他们就这样消失了,他们被水吞没,然后变成了鱼…洪水持续了52年,它结束了他们的生命…天空倒坍下来压在他们身上…他们消失了”,连“所有的山脉也消失了”,都被这在地球上肆虐的洪水吞没了。然而万迪科诺一拉丁考迪科斯这本书又补充说,一对夫妻在洪水中幸免于难,因为“他们被一棵树保住了生命”,这与圣经里诺亚方舟的故事有着惊人的相似之处。

 5.第五个太阳开始于Thirteen Acatl这一年,一直持续到今天。但是阿兹特克人还认为这次的太阳是最后一个。




Just one more part extra 'light' reading content for your pleasure - Each crystal skull was believed to have stored certain massages to humankind of our generations. In this world there are 13 crystal skulls scattered in every corner of the world. Rumour has it that when 13 crystals skulls are discovered and gathered together, they will transmit an important message to human race. But by the time, it would be the end of for us. And yes, the fifth or the last cycle of Earth would come to an end.

And shh! don't drag your 2012 movie into this discussion! Hate it when people materialise and commercialise ancient history into a thrilling film.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

好啦。别说我没人性。跟大家分享一下看法拉利(ferr-ari) 的经验吧。

当天我就接到了assignment说是night shift.我整个傻掉!night shift耶!那不是人类活跃的时段,我竟然要出差晚上的功?!

然后叫cc帮我check,原来晚上的是party,早上是media的launch. 我还要赶两场!



我不是法拉利的粉丝啦。对我来说,车子越小越好。像kancil就最完美了。费事parking park 不好。我也没有很期待看到车,只是会想象这种上流社会的聚会,他们会给什么door gift叻。

不会给我两桶Ron 95叫我坐巴士扛回家吧。 =.="

等了很久很久,终于有一个记者来了。很熟眼。曾经看过他可是不记得他是谁。他就说那时也是在vol-vo event 碰到我的。果然。大牌记者明星就是这样,去那里只有大家都记得我,而我却不记得他们。




终于开始了。一进去,冷到我半死。我又好死不死,坐在那个音响前面。你知道这种跑车的节目,最喜欢放那种轰炸式的引擎配音和tokyo drift的那种音乐。噢,受不了。我几乎整场都是盖着耳朵度过的。还不时使眼色撅嘴给那个ceo看,让他知道我又多不爽。我那个头还在那里一直摇,然后还翻白眼,心想反正要做就做一整套,反正都当坏人了。

so 那辆车就pok出来咯。嘛不久一辆红色的车。然后就一直在台上转转转转转到天昏地暗。我都快被冷死了!

过后整个Q&A session竟然没有reporter要问问题!我,当然也没问。知道的啦,我就是不喜欢和大家分享我的资料,所以都会私底下去找他们‘聊天’。过后我就等着那位年轻的ceo.人家忙着拍照啊! 等了很久,然后那么vice(副ceo)的,就站在我前面晃来晃去,好像等我问他问题。我都不想要理这个老人咧!后来就算啦,反正也是个人样,就随便问问一些无关痛痒的问题。哇,他跟我整个人都high起来,说得没完没了!voice recorder都不知浪费几多分钟了!

本来很多记者都要走了。我因为真的没有故事,所以一定要等到ceo. 终于,让我等到了那位魅力非凡的年轻ceo. 我直接冲前去。他也够厉害的。问他一个问题,他可是直接 “No, you see, we..." 然后就可以离题到那个法拉利那边。当然也说了不少废话。可是他声音还蛮性感的。还有他那穿透力超强的眼生使我不知觉的肩膀一直在蠕动,然后手中的recorder还紧贴他湿嫩嘴唇旁。



结束后,有一家报社竟然跟他做一对一的访问! 我心想:“他应该还不知道那ceo说废话的威力吧。根本就是把自己送入虎口。” 我和其他记者就在外面吃cheese baked oyster,还故意在他的访问室前面走来走去。

隔天起来上他们网站读他写的新闻稿,欸,是烂故事。那个记者没得吃cheese baked oyster,还浪费recorder的电池和笔墨,真是亏大本了。




学着点吧你们 (翻白眼)!