Friday, April 9, 2010

You know, it's a little intimidating when some of the members of the Parliament or any organizations embed my article on their blogs or websites. This terrifies me like how Grace Jones' music videos did to me two years ago.

And because these people are popular public figures, they have followers who read their blogs. And they would comment on the article. So I must be fully prepared to embrace criticism from their supporters.

The second intimidating reason is, if they think my article is well-written (so to say), and that I must be a man with 'great wisdom' and and journalistic integrity who 'only pens the truth'. And they would begin to Google my great name. And they would discover the secluded Diamond-drops Warehouse with a whole lot of crap on this site.

Ok it sounds scary. But I am still going to maintain how it used to be.

If anyone of you came across this wonderland, congratulations. You have won yourself an unlimited pass to the warehouse playground that is politic-free and rubbish-loaded.

I just want to make sure that you know I would not cross the boundary between professionalism and my nature as an Emmy (to-be) winning entertainer. You know. I am the Tina Fey of Malaysia (How's Sarah Palin now, anyway?).

And please..I beg you! Don't report all my mansion's secrets to my future employers! I have a family to feed and Aunty Lucy is not easy to feed.

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