Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reading a post from CC's blog, I thought maybe I should post something to recollect my memories of the 14-week internship with The Edge.

I am terrified of Mr Ghany and Mr Tho-mas!

That's one.

I didn't spend much time talking to people in the office because when I was too focused I tend to create an imagery cubicle around. I got very stressed up at times.

Communicating with normal people (that means all you UTARians *coursemates* are abnormal, yes I mean it.) is tough because I was afraid of crossing the line.

Whining and complaining are my nature. I do not bear grudges against anyone specifically. I tried to be truthful to my feelings and emotion all the time so I won't go crazy under such environment.

The coffee cup on my office desk was left dried two months there because I was lazy to wash.

I enjoyed the fellowship with reporters from Chinese and Sabah papers. I don't know, maybe it's because of the language I speak. 我的华语就是很强。地位很高。And I enjoyed hearing them criticising the food.

I played Castle Age in the office. Sometimes when the computer was down and people walk passed me, I had to cover the screen with my body.

I drank at least two cups of coffee a day.

In selecting cab drivers, I was quite a racist. Pardon me.

I visited A&W almost every week and Rasamas when I needed to go KL for assignment.

I have stolen more stacks of papers and napkins (during refreshment) in different hotels than you could imagine.

I didn't spend a cent on shopping for clothes. It was an unbelievable miracle. Instead I spent hundreds of ringgit on books. Well, this wasn't a miracle.

I had extra money spared from my allowance every month.

I really didn't like the guy who kept walking to and fro when talking on his mobile. and also that guy who smelled cigarette all over him.

In all the articles published with bylines on the paper, mine were among the shortest and was always placed at the side.

I loved, am still loving LG more than Panasonic; AirAsia than Fxre-fly (gosh, give me a break *翻白眼*). And Son-wey boss, blek and shoo~.

And the goodbye cards I made were really ugly, on second thought.

I liked to bully soft spoken journalists but often intimidated by the senior ones.

I watched 康熙来了at least an episode a day. I tried very hard to hold back my thunderous laughter till I get stomachache every time.

I would want to offer my sincere thanks to those who have helped me. From editors to writers, to Kakaks from RapidKL bus to bus drivers with good manners; To PR people who emailed needed information within the time they promised (the rest please get lost); To those who allowed me to tumpang them to get back city centre and those who were willing to share their experiences and information.

Also, most important, I want to thank Aunty Shirly and family for taking me in. 3 and a half months was a long time! I must have disturbed the family a lot, especially Kay Aun. Our lifestyles are so different but he did not utter a complaint to me at all. I feel bad.

More facts would be posted up if I recall the sweet and bitter moments in the future. Who knows, 50 years down the road if I suddenly recall something I might just post it here.

Last but not least...

I didn't not have an affair with the managing director of Kay-Eff-See Holdings Bhd.

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