Monday, April 19, 2010

A beef sandwich priced at 24 bucks each serving?
Not exageratin', I'm tellin' ya.

I didn't not have a good feeling for assignments that are related to ministers. Business writers need to fight for time in raising questions with writers from other beats since we have very different focus.

I don't know, I just felt business writers sometimes can be a little pampered. Reporters from general desk are more aggressive. Fier~ce~ (Tyra Banks style)

Some focused on the implementation of 'black-spot' on roads while some on tolls. Some on the construction of expressways. And one particularly on hospital (didn't know why, but she just asked). I was the exceptionally one too since I asked something about potential acquisition pasal toll roads.

Usually when others ask, he talked a lot but when it came to my question, he just gave me 2 short sentences and went silent. I don't know was he hiding something, or he just didn't bother about it.

When he started speaking in the Malay, I knew I would have a hard time. Seriously after entering university, my understanding for the language had tremendously jatuh.

Allow me to divert a bit. Especially the mention of numbers in Bahasa Melayu. Try this: "321.102" as "Tiga ratus dua puluh satu ribu satu ratus kosong dua" fast, you will know how hard it is to catch that. Nope, if you read in front of me, I would not understand a single digit you say, and you might find my five baby little fingerprint inked on your face.

Well he was fine, pronunciation was ok, quite a funny person, and charming too. Oh, the way he sniffed his nose sniffed the soul out of me. Ooo~

After the event, we had "breakfast" downstairs at a cafe. Without looking at the price, I just closed my eyes and pointed on the food. Oh, beef burger and a cup of cappuccino. Guess the price ~ and the price is right. It's almost RM30.

I was sitting with an experienced reporter. She was complaining about other reporters just as other reporters complained that she had asked too much. I thought she was good though because she wanted to get news she wanted.

Though the mediocre ones were simply rude, especially the lady from TV3 (not the one I admire)who kept shouting "Dah dah dah, cukup. Jangan tanya lagi! Banyak sangat info!", the reporter who asked many questions were quite arrogant as well. She told us that many went up to her for details after the event as if she was the champion collector of news data.

We sat at a table with a guy (don't know what pangkat la), he talked tak abis abis! Two of them complemented each other like husband and wife. That conversation went on for more than 2 hours, from vegetarian burgers to tin mining. It's almost like '80 days Around the World' and I was stuck in the hot air balloon- couldn't get out.

It was my first time at the KL Hilton hotel. I couldn't find my way out. I bid them goodbyes and when up the escalator. And came down from the elevator on the other side. Then I walked passed them again. They were still talking. Tak berhenti, mak oi! I just pretended I didn't see them and quickly ran to KL Sentral.

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