Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Since Naan-neh came into our family, we have been lepak-ing, often returned at late night. After her second night with us, we found out she was missing by the time we can back from Ipoh.

I was expecting her to welcome us from the slightly opened glass door but she didn't. Dalamrumah pun tak nampak bayang dia. I panicked, searched high and low (around 0.5cm to 6 feet) for her till I almost nangis thinking he might already kong ka kiao under kereta.

Then I heard the noise coming from the loudspeaker family. The high-frequency voice of a girl shouting: "It's coming in!" I peeped across the street but saw nothing.

Later I told CC about it. We both went over. Without hesitation, CC immediately ran into the house even though there was a guy was about to getting on his bike. It was Naan-neh. We didn't even talk to the people. I just carried him all the way back to his home. To where he belongs.

The punishment began. CC warned Naan-neh not to simply enter stranger's house and gave her few tight slaps. She was still very 粘 CC but unwilling to come to me. He knew I was upset because of him. CC was asking me to carry and caress him but I refused. My emotion was all mixed up at that moment. I patted on his head and went up.

Naan-neh also ran up. We went back to our rooms respectively but she was sitting right in front of CC's room. I got out from the room and saw it there. CC came out too. Then he started meowing repeatedly. I assumed he was singing "I'm~sorry~" tune in a lyric called "Meow". I felt sorry for him but then, who feels sorry for me?

I knew I can't rear pets because I can be too emotionally-attached to them. Secondly, my desire to own a pet, or even a person is very strong. What's mine is mine, and will be mine alone. Sometimes when it comes to kids, I think I behave a little psycho too. When they were small, they were my darlings. But as they get older, they do not come to me anymore. Maybe it is because of this mentality I don't like young people (one of the reasons I supposed).

And I don't get why young people must always sit together in a cluster, instead of sitting with family. If my kids do that in future, I will give them few slaps and chain them to my arm, or maybe drip a few drops of wax to wax their feet.

I am such a psycho. Too bad, that's who Mord'Sith Elween is.

Update: Today, Naan-neh ran away for the second time. I doubt she will find her way back home (It's a she, actually).

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