Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The last post was on my most wonderful train ride from Kampar back to Kluang ever. I try not to believe the ancient phrase of 'When you gain something, you lose something." But I was forced to succumbed to the horrendous reality.

First, the automated door became 'un'-automated. Even when the button is pressed, the door closed like as if it weights heavier than a bull. All the passengers protruded their heads out in the hope of increasing the speed. It worked for the first 3 times. The door eventually got stuck in the middle. Thank goodness my 20"-20"-20" can still squeeze through.

That's not all. Besides the terrifying puppet-like yellow hair lady who sat beside me, and also another lady who kept exercising her legs and fingers on the walking path who sat right beside the yellow hair lady, I have forgotten to bring along my laptop charger, So I couldn't use it to watch dramas I downloaded!

Worse still, the air-con died. It was so warm till I was infuriated to exterminate its corpse. The train was delayed by more than an hour by the time we reached Kay-Elle Central. The track is in the tunnel. And the tunnel is dark. The cabin was dark and stuffy. We waited for another hour for technician to fix the problem.

While waiting in the cabin, many of them got down to the station. But I chose to remain on my seat. And this was when and where the poem is born.

Firestorm in the Tunnel

Halted in the tunnel
quietness whistled
to the echoes of silence
Air brushes through
but at the speed of sleepwalking

Heat possessed the cabin
hypnotised us with spirits of fake serenity
Fresh air they gasped for
as freedom they seek away from the invasion
and also the bondage of heat
cannot be found

But I battled its wrath
the wish of my body I granted
for a stoic transformation I promised
to use as the perfect shield
from the firestorm that was never ignited.

(c) 2009 The Diamond-drops Warehouse

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