Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week without Sunday in Kuchxng - Day 3 Part A


Early morning, my right foot began to swell, it hurt so bad. Maybe I have strained the muscles yesterday.

We were all exhausted after yesterday's trip so we woke up quite late, thinking that since we were only exploring the opposite side of the city, which is Petra Jaya, a Malay village across the Sarawak River, we should have enough time to visit the places we intended.

By the way, the Spaniards checked out early morning.

What?! I didn't peep at Christina taking bath okey! It wasn't my fault that they left!

We went to the waterfront. There are several jetties at different locations. We walked to the front jetty right before the Khatulistiwa Cafe, which is the nearest to the opposite jetty. To cross over, you only need to pay a minimum amount of 40 cents. Remember not to ask the price because if the boatmen know you a tourist, they will charge you 2 bucks. But basically we just leave our coins on his boat. He didn't even to see how much we put.

In the boat, we met a man called Anuar. He introduced himself, telling us he has a restaurant right in front of the jetty. We went with him to have a look but continued our walk to the Magherita Fort. There was only an officer guarding the fort.

I was a little disappointed, not because the fort was small, because it was repainted fully white and lost the essence of 19th century's architectural feel. The reason behind was because at that time our paramount ruler was coming to officiate the use of the new building beside the fort as the State Assembly Hall! They wanted to make it look new to welcome him. So angry!

I found a cannon which exactly shares the same birthday as me!
and I touched lots of hairy skulls which I thought were coconuts for displayed. T.T

After the visit, we returned to Al-Fayad, Anuar's restaurant. He had gone out to the airport so we were attended by his Melanau wife with guestbook and pictures. She shared with us her traveling experience (like Anuar, she travels often) and suggested to go into the real longhouse at the Borneo border.

(Part B to be continued...)

By the way, when I found out Muhyddin was coming to the school, I wanted to do humiliate them at the balcony by telling them: "I have already met him in person, you small kids are so slow, blueh blueh blueh~!"

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