Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elween: "那,给你*多妈多*。我不要,你拿去。”
Elween: "吝啬鬼!”
Elween: "嗯,good. 至少不是很吝啬的鬼。”

注:*多妈多* = tomato


You all think I am a dictionary?

I know what is right, what is wrong?
You all think I know everything?
You all think I am a theory genius?
You all think it is easy for me to say you are right, which in fact you all are wrong, but maybe me myself is wrong?
You all think I don't need to bear the guilt?
You all think I have not done enough to explain the basic definition to you all?
You all think I need to feed you every little details till we all write the same thing during the exam?
You all think I am a terrible person?
Maybe you all are right, especially when you all depend too much on me, thinking I know everything from head to toe!
If I hide myself from MSN at this critical period, you all will say I am not trying to help, if I appear in MSN you all will ask every little question that often goes so deep! I can help you with the basic knowledge which I know, and it's limited. What do you all expect some more!


You can hate for how long you want, but only for this period, I allow. Starting from next sem, love me again. Because I love you all.