Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have decided to write a letter of appreciation to neighbour across the street for the noise they make during as early as 3.00 am. And these people disturb my sleep every night, so I guess I need to be Superman for the day to stand against the injustice.

I wrote a little note yesterday morning, telling myself, by hook or by crook, I must shove it into their mailbox. It was a solitary action, none of my housemates knew my secret plan. They were all asleep. I put on a pair Hawaii blue print shorts, walked out in a pair of white mules from my house, half-naked.

I gotta make sure that no one was around to witness my disguise as Mr postman. The street was clear, quiet as it seems. I opened the house gate, ready to carry out my mission.

Then a motorcycle passed by. It was their next door neighbour. I quickly teleported myself back into the house to make sure nobody saw what this tiny creepy guy was doing. Fortunately, they didn't realized that. I waited for them to get into the house, long enough to make me write another note to urge them keep up with their petty paces with the today's giant move in view of the development of globalization! Ga! And both of them are guys.

Finally, they entered the house and I took the chance to sneak out for the second attempt. Once again I scanned through the neighbourhood, noticed that no one was spying me, I fastened my footsteps crossing the road.

Upon reaching their mailbox, that two fellows who just came back (their neighbours) came out from their house. I was almost like only 20m away from them. I told to myself, crap, what am I supposed to do? I can't turn and run, nor can I throw the piece of note at their face and say "now you are satisfied in making me a fool, huh!". I pretended I didn't see them and left the note in the mailbox of the noise crackers. Then I immediately dashed across the street, naked (as if I was delivering own porn merchandise), back to my comfort home drinking bottles and bottles of vodka to shut the nerves.

I do not know whether they are friends or not. Based on my observation as a peeping tom for the past few months, they have no whatsoever interaction with each other. (When they made a lot of noises, I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, open the window and purposely slam the window. I know I know... I acted like a child, but what the heck.)

So now. Applaud me for the responsibility I took on to save all my neighbours' night. But I do believe my sleepless experience last couple of days was not caused by the noises but because of the batteries of my biological clock run flat.

Quick, clap! Let me have my moment before they pour acid at me.

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