Monday, August 31, 2009

The Vroom Sonata

Few weeks ago, CC's car started to behave abnormally as if we didn't feed her petrol. The engine refused to function at the very beginning then it works after few attempts.

But that day, when CC returned back to Camerxn Highlxnds, the car finally went into a long hour of hibernation. The car was rested at Westlake beside O. Leng's house since we drove her car to do the layout design for our mock newspaper. W Shang made a call to ask Kenny to come over to send us home. He kindly came to our rescue though it was already almost 11.30 pm.

I left my handphone in CC's car so that the car won't feel lonely.

The next day in the afternoon CC came down from Highlxnds bringing a car battery. Her father changed the battery, hoping the car will respond to the brand 'new energizer'. Unfortunately, the car was still throwing tantrum. We realized the problem might be due to the starter itself. After pulling and pushing the car and twisting of key into the hole umpteen times, the car finally worked! So we drove happily back home.

And that was the last time it worked.We thought of celebrating the resurrection of her car at PizzxHut but when trying to start the engine. That's it. The car went into a coma. At that time CC's dad has returned back to the Highlxnds. In the end, we still stubbornly celebrated its unconscious state at PizzxHut by cycling to Old Town under thunder lightning and rain.

Two days later, CC rang up the technician to take a look at the engine. It was indeed the starter's problem. He came to and fro from his workshop to our house for more than 4 times because the starter he brought couldn't fit in, because CC's car is an imported car.

No choice, the technician had to fix the starter when he find a suitable replacement, which is on the next day. Finally, the car is revived! "Vrrooom Vrroooom Vrrooom!" What a victorious and energetic 'vrrooom' I have ever heard from an old car instead of coughing and kahak-ing.

But later in the evening when we drove to attend French class, the car brake failed to function properly. =.=

CC's dad came down once again to bring the car to the workshop for body check-out so we'll see what happened.

So now, still want to know what dilemma am I facing?

Not now, right? Ah, I knew it. You cheeky little beast.

Tell you on Monday. ;)