Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Wildest Dream

Prologue - Uncle Hong lives in Kxmpar with me in the first scene. The setting changed, without Uncle Hong in the story anymore,replaced by 3 new housemates.

I was contemplating on whether to return to Klxang this weekend. Uncle Hong expressed his feeling of wanting to go back. So I cycled to an Indian groceries store to buy train ticket (yes, they sell them in my dream). Upon reaching the shop, three bicyclists caught my attention as they passed by. They, too were looking at me in a strange way and cycled off as if they were running away from me.

I couldn't remember if I had bought the tickets. All I knew was by the time I reached home, I was already with CC, Ms. Ivy and S. Ming. The setting changed to an underwater medieval room somewhere in Venice. We all lived together in a tiny room. Right across our room, there lived three  strangers. One looks like CC, petite girl with long hair, the other one is a tall good-looking guy and the last one - I am not sure. They are the 3 cyclists whom I've met just now.

The tall guy was frightened when he saw me. He ran out of the room and swam to the dry land (imagine waters everywhere when the door's opened). When he wanted to come up from the stairs that linked the dry land to the waters, he was halted by someone who dressed in black. He stopped.

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