Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The lady in my Childhood

CC and I were reliving our childhood memory of the ultimate Might Morphin Power Ranger (the very first season Power Ranger was introduced). Suddenly I remembered the lady I loved since I was young. She was one of the reason I watched Power Ranger in the very first place.

Remember this amazing woman? She was my love in my childhood days before I knew who Oprah was. I felt bad for forgetting her after my Power Ranger obsession.

And maybe John Galliano made the costume. That's why I love Galliano's couture collection. Yes, maybe this is why!

She is Rita Repulsa, the first villainess appeared in the show. She was released after being imprisoned 10000 years ago by Earth astronauts. She made a promise to conquer the first planet she saw. There and then, Earth was her target. Power Rangers therefore took on the responsibility to protect the Earth from her attack.

The actress who acted this role was Machiko Soga. I was so sad and depressed after knowing her death in 2006 due to cancer. She passed away at the age of 68. I browsed through and watched some videos which her fans offered tributes to her. My tears just rolled like bubbled toothpaste.

I am going to miss her even when she is gone. Machiko Soga, your Rita Repulsa is my inspiration of acknowledging what a unique person I can be.

Mass Media and Society revision: Social Learning Theory --> "Television was a source of behavior modelling."

I don't know what am I talking about...ah...so depressing...

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