Friday, March 19, 2010

Last month, Rachelle, an intern from another paper (she's a nice girl), and I attended an insurance partnership event.

We received a door gift - properly wrapped, square in size, and heavy. As we travel back to KL Central in the LRT, we tried guessing what the gift was.

Me: "Look at that shape and the weight. It definitely is a mug."
Rachelle: "Yes, it's a mug. It must be."
Me: "Can these big companies stop giving us mugs or cups? So disappointing!"
Rachelle: "Who needs mugs anyway, we want something more! Let me unwrap it."
Me: "Look at that look at that, that's the shape of the mug (viewed from outside)!"
Rachelle: "I know, it is a mug!"
Me: "Yes you see, I'm telling you it's a mug, darn it."
Rachelle: "Darn it, mug."

And as she unwrapped the box, the mystery resolved.

Me: "(didn't bother to see) See, isn't it a mug, I told you so!"
Rachelle: "It's a crystal globe..."
Me: "Oh Lord forgive our sins!"
Rachelle: "God bless the insurance company!"

Everyone in the LRT looked at us like one kind.

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